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So somehow we klaroliners (all of us) are hating on Pheobe and we are to blame for her sour mood…so who wants pie?

It’s too early in the morning for the anti-klaroline hate, come back at noon.

Caroline a thousand years ago with the Mikaelsons, would you rather:


This is just a theory that came to me while writing yall so if it makes no sense just move on and ignore me.

But Madea said something in one of her plays that left me thinking:

If you had a good father, then you’d know how you should be treated by a man and not allow just any man to come and play you but if you didn’t have a good father or any father at all then you wouldn’t know how you should be treated as a woman.

 Now that had me thinking:

Caroline’s father was never really there for her like he was suppose to be but instead with his boyfriend and his new life while her mother was a workaholic. Then her boyfriends are as followed:

Only to find that Klaus doesn’t just see a pretty face but an intelligent woman, he respects her,  he’s never outrightly tried to get into her pants (think about it, really), he has no romantic feelings for any of the doppelgangers and has no problems with how strong and beautiful and brave she is and makes her his first choice even against his sister (which I do not agree with blood is thicker than water)

Rebekah’s father is abusive and un-loving to his children and was never really there for them and tortures her brother whom she loves most of all of them and it hurts her. Her boyfriends are as follows:

The one good choice she made was Stefan. Even in his ripper times, you could tell he did really love her and was ready to run and protect her until klaus compelled him away. I still think he’s the perfect choice for her because he’s broken and so is she, they can work on themselves together.

Then there’s Bonnie. Her father hates the magic in her family and wants nothing to do with it so he stayed away from them and as a result, her. She spent most of her life without her father and her choice in men are as follows:

I ship her with Kol because I think they would compliment each other. They’re completely opposite. She’s serious and she’s judgmental but he’s carefree and wild. 

 Elena had an adopted father but a good father nonetheless and her choice in men are as follows:

My point is, maybe if Caroline’s father was there for her then she wouldn’t have been so insecure to allow Damon to lure her into his trap. Caroline would have been so confident that she wouldn’t hook up with Matt knowing that he was still in love with Elena and couldn’t accept her change and maybe if Tyler had changed, she would have been with him but it would have ended sooner than it did and she would have been able to accept Klaus’s affections for her without fearing the worst of it.

HEA?? I'm anxious! hehe.

It’s a long one so hopefully I can get it up before monday.


I’m so sorry, I originally thought that the chapter will be a short one but I was so dead wrong, I re-read the chap layout and I usually forget things which is why I have chapter layouts and I realise that chapter 18 is a long chapter.

But let me just give you something to hold on to for a while.

This will end soon and it will have an sequel. I’m ending it like a chapter after the birth just to give everyone a peek into Klaus and his babies (awe) before I jump into the sequel and do a giant time jump, because technically, some stories aren’t over, some haven’t begun and some are just for my pleasure. Let’s just say that we’ll get to learn about the children in the sequel. They’re adorable I promise.

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So who's a good singer out there in our beautiful fandom? Because I think we should totally have a let it go parody...but of Klaroline of course!

I have no idea hun. But that’d be awesome, if I knew what you were talking about.

Anything with Klaroline is awesome!

Cant wait for HEA 💗💗💗

Me too <3

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Are you Going to update HEA this time sweetheart? Because i'm in love Wirth your stories ❤

Yea. I’m working on it now but if I don’t get it up by tomorrow then Friday for sure!

Your blog is just 💗💗💗💗

And You are just <3 <3 <3 <3

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